Hep2O - Safe, Secure and Guaranteed for 50 years

 Hep2o 50 years

Hep2O is a push-fit plumbing system that’s built to last - with a 50 year guarantee (twice as long as anyone else). The slim and sleek fittings work with both plastic or copper pipe and are ideal for a range of hot and cold water and heating applications.

All fittings feature unique In4sureTM joint recognition technology which tells you when a secure joint has been made. Just insert the pipe, twist and feel the ‘rumble’ for a secure joint every time.

Hep 2o 2 Hep 2o 1 Hep 2o 3

And if you need to adjust things onsite, the HepKeyTM unlocks the tamper-proof fittings, making demounting simple. No wonder it’s the only plastic system approved by British Gas and used by 70% of major UK house builders.

- 50 year guarantee

- Secure joints with In4sureTM technology

- Demounting made easy with the handy HepKeyTM

- Super flexible pipe that comes off the coil straight


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