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Our Environmental Policy 
We’re not one of those places that has an Environmental Policy because we have to – we have one because we want to. We appreciate that our business has an impact on the world around us, and we’re serious about reducing this to an absolute minimum and delivering our products and services in a much more sustainable way.

We’ll achieve this by reviewing the products we sell and the way we get them to you, by taking a long, hard look at the environmental impact of our own internal operations, and through a series of environmental initiatives that will be rolled out across all members of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution (SGBD) UK & Ireland.

Delivering less emissions 
One of the first places we looked to reduce our environmental impact was our delivery service. We wanted to find a way of reducing our carbon footprint without sacrificing the high level of service we already offered. And as it turned out, our new processes actually work out better for everyone. By streamlining the way customer orders are delivered, we not only reduced our fleet’s mileage and cut fuel consumption, and associated CO2 emissions, the new system has also enhanced customer service by making delivery quicker – so it’s a win win.

You may have heard about this ISO14001:2004. It’s basically a way of benchmarking our environmental goals and provides a framework to build an effective Environmental Management System. We’ve already rolled out ISO14001 into our larger branches and it’s only a matter of time before we roll it out to all branches. You can take a look at the full SGBD UK & Ireland Sustainability policy right here.

Plus, as well as helping us to identify and control our own environmental impact, our hard work could also help you reach your own environmental targets – get in touch if you need any help.


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