ThermaQ Water Heaters

New ThermaQ Water Heaters Now Available from Graham


ThermaQ Midi

Midi hot water storage suitable for low or medium water consumption applications where flow pressure is a key consideration.


ThermaQ Midi


Small volumes. Immediate Delivery

When you require low or medium volumes of water ready for immediate use and delivered at mains pressure flow rates the new ThermaQ Midi water storage heater is the most obvious choice in our line up.

These heaters can be placed above or below sinks and are suitable for unvented or vented applications. The small dimensions and its low power consumption makes it suitable for siting almost anywhere around the home with quick and easy installation by a qualified electrician. 

  • -High strength ABS splash proof casing
  • -Can be sited above or below the sink
  • -Built in immersion heater
  • -(Midi 6: 2.0kW / Midi 10 and 15: 2.5kW)
  • -Replacable Mg Anode
  • -Streamlined pleasing design for onobtrusive siting.
  • -Low power requirements make product easier to locate
  • -High value product insulation.>Fully incorporated safety controls


ThermaQ Touch

ThermaQ Touch


Instantaneous Water Heater

Designed as a small discreet point of use product, situated either above or below a sink, the new ThermaQ Touch water heater is the perfect compliment to a washroom or utility room. With two different power outputs 3.5Kw or 5Kw available, the customer can
decide on which power rating is required depending on their demands.

The intuitive touch control panel allows users to quickly and easily select the required temperature, this not only ensures water is not being heated more than is required, but also can be used to prevent scalding.

  • -Available in 3.5Kw and 5Kw options
  • -High strength ABS splash proof casing
  • -Stainless steel heating element built in
  • -Compact unit with the ability to supply unlimitedhot water
  • -Can be sited above or below the sink
  • -Power cable factory fitted
  • -Easy operation with last setting memory
  • -Touch LCD Display
  • -Built in leakage, overheat and dry heating protection


ThermaQ Elite Touch

ThermaQ Elite Touch

Vented Water Heaters

This Elite water heater is the crown jewel in the ThermaQ Electric product range with our maximum flow rates. This compact and neat wall mounted and recessed heater can output to multiple outlets in a property making it the perfect replacement for hot
water cylinders and gas boilers in smaller dwellings, or to supplement requirements in larger applications. Providing unlimited hot water with astounding flow rates this product really is versatile with an exceptional range of uses.

  • -Available in 7, 9 and 11Kw options
  • -Unique Stainless Steel look ABS plastic splash proof front cover
  • -Utilises patented enclosed loop heating system
  • -Multi-layer heating chamber reducing lime-scale build up
  • -Automatically set and maintain output temperature
  • -Large widescreen LED display with Touch controls
  • -Displays output and target temperature
  • -Provides information on power and water consumption
  • -Automatic fault detection with on screen feedback


ThermaQ Flatbac

ThermaQ Flatbac

Vented Storage Water Heater

This ThermaQ Flatbac water heater allows users to store large capacities of vented hot water, negating the need for complicated discharge arrangements and safety controls.

The Flatbac storage units with integral cisterns and fitted 3kW heater are ideal for premises that need flow rates of 25-100 litres of hot water delivery. They are designed for easy installation and are available in four sizes all of which feature a white steel case finish.

  • -Slimline wall mounted unit
  • -Designed for direct connection to the mains
  • -Right or left hand cold inlet
  • -Small units suitable for singlepoint applications
  • -Larger units suitable for multipoint applications
  • -Intergrated cold feed header tank
  • -3kW factory fitted internal immersion heater
  • -Delivered with Bylaw 30 kit, ball valve and float

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