Fraudulent Bank Account Change Attempts

We have recently become aware of 'phishing' attempts to have our customers change the details of the bank to which they are to make payments to their Graham trading accounts.

We are aware the 'phishing' attempts have been sent mainly by e-mail with an attachment bearing our brand logo, which has been cut and pasted, and includes the false bank account details. However, we are also aware of instances where letters purporting to be from our business have been sent to our customers.

If you have or do receive such an e-mail or letter, please, ignore it (please, do not contact the sender of the e-mail or letter) and refer to your most recent account statement from us where you will find our correct bank account details, which have not changed.

In all circumstances, you should only make payments to the bank account listed on the back of your account statement.

We will never contact you by e-mail to inform you of a change of our bank account details for payment and, if you receive a letter notifying you of a change of account details, please, contact our Credit Control Office as detailed on your account statement (please, do not use the contact details on the fraudulent account change letter).

If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact our Credit Control Office, as detailed on your account statement, who will be happy to help.