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We strive to be your local plumbing and heating specialists where we promise to get you the products you are after, get them fast and get them from knowledgeable staff. All of these combined come together to bring you the best service you could want from your plumber’s merchant.

And now we are making the fourth element to our Graham Promise even better… ensuring you get your money’s worth, every time!

Guaranteed Prices

We are giving you complete transparency over what we do and have now fixed our prices on 30,000 products, saving you time with no negotiation and no chasing around for products needed.

300 Products

Take a look at Graham’s Trade Saver too, highlighting our fixed price products that are Always Available. All of these prices are fixed for 3 months and are then reviewed to make sure we are always giving you a competitive price for the products you need.

We have over 2,000 competitively priced everyday products that are guaranteed to be Always Available in every branch, meaning you know that we will have what you need at all times. 

Check out our Always Available guide for more info or pop into your local branch today to pick up your free copy.

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AA Guarantee

Here at Graham, we are so confident that our Always Available range is in stock at your local branch that we're willing to give you a £10 voucher to use on your next purchase if you order one of our Always Available products and it isn't in stock!

No Fuss

What’s more, we have introduced No Fuss Free Returns across this range of 30,000 products, meaning that you can return unwanted goods, providing they are in a good condition*, completely free and with no hassle.

Trade Saver

Fixed Prices, Always Available products. Just what you need when you need it

Always Available

Over 2,000 competitively priced Always Available products