Gas Safety Week

Gas Safety Week

Gas safety is important all year round, but it is not always a household’s top priority. Gas Safety Week - coordinated by Gas Safe Register - provides a platform for the gas industry, consumer organisations and individuals to focus all communications about gas safety in one week, generating interest in the media and having a greater impact amongst the public.


Last year over 7,000 supporters took part in Gas Safety Week to help raise awareness of gas safety.  Fighting Gas


Stay Safe

In 2017 research revealed that 12 million households are putting themselves at risk by not having a CO alarm.


Gas Safety Week 2017 was officially launched at the Houses of Parliament on 13th September. Over 60 supporters from organisations across the industry attended to hear from representatives from Gas Safe Register, the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG), MP for Walsall North Eddie Hughes, Energy UK, Gas Safety Superheroes and the Gas Safe Charity. 

Gas Safety

There has been a great deal of support for Gas Safety Week from MPs throughout the years. Several MPs have recorded messages urging their constituents and the public to have their gas safety appliances safety checked each year by a Gas Safe registered engineers.

Heres what Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG), had to say about Gas Safety Week...

Answers to our Channel Graham Gas Safety Quiz:

1. C. 12 million
2. 2011
3. C. Annually
4. Noisier than normal
Takes a long time to ignite
Lazy tallow flames
Black marks on or around the appliance
Quieter than normal
Too much condensation in the room
5. Their ID card – BOTH SIDES
6. B. half
7. D. Doug
8. Headaches
Loss of consciousness