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Giving something back with local sponsorship
We may have branches all over the place but we’ll always be your local plumbers’ merchant. And being local means doing our bit and being part of the community – which is why we’re proud to support and sponsor a whole host of local sports teams and events.

We’re involved in way too many things to tell you about them all – but here are a couple of our favourites:

Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club
We’ve been sponsoring the Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club since 2012. Initially sponsoring the 1st XV team, and now the Academy, we believe it’s about support at every level.

Not only does our logo appear on the leisurewear of the Academy and on the playing shirt of the senior development squad, but we are also supporting the club’s important community work at grass-roots level.

Ealing Rugby Club’s Community programme is now in its fourth year. It builds relationships with schools in the borough as a way to deliver grass roots rugby. Now the programme is reaching out further as a way of maintaining and maximising support. We are also proud to sponsor the Academy. This is part of the Club’s youth section and aims to develop young players, whether their aspirations are to become semi-professional, committed amateur or serious social players.

Craig Bowley, Community and Club Development Officer at Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club said: “It is essential to form positive relationships with local businesses in order to support the growth of the club, we believe that it should be a two-way partnership where our members can then help the local growth of our partners in the community.”

Ealing Branch Manager Sydney Hart said: “It’s really important for us to get involved. Many of the customers who visit the branch every week are keen rugby supporters and it’s great to share a common interest in supporting our local team with them.”

Coventry United Football Club
In 2013 Coventry United Football Club was founded by life-long Coventry City Football Club fans as an alternative to having to travel to Northampton to support their local team. They wanted to ensure that the people of Coventry could still support a local team that represented Coventry and ensured that future generations could grow up with the same memories that many have from Highfield Road and, more recently, the Ricoh. They wanted a team people could support without complications, turmoil, uncertainty or distractions, to simply be able to come along and enjoy the football.

With Graham head office being based in Coventry, we took a keen interest in the story and formation of Coventry United and decided to get involved. Jason Kay, Chairman of Coventry United, had these words to say about the relationship the club has with Graham:

"Graham was the first company Coventry United approached to become the main club sponsor, the reasoning was very simple, I’ve worked with Graham as a supplier for many years and understand and admire Grahams clear business vision and determination to succeed which is absolutely the same objective we have for Coventry United.  Graham will always be a part of our clubs history and we will continue to grow together and demonstrate to Coventry and Warwickshire people what a great partnership can achieve when the objectives are aligned.  As the Coventry United Chairman and on behalf of the 2 senior teams (42 players), 14 junior teams (176 players), 16 Managers, 32 coaches, 10 board members and the largest fan base in our league please accept our grateful appreciation for your sponsorship and continued support over the last 2 years."

Coventry United have experienced great initial success having being promoted in their first season and are looking likely to do the same this current season, and we here at Graham wish them all the best!

Oulton Raiders Under 10's
Graham also sponsor teams on a smaller scale, such as the Oulton Raiders, a mixed local rugby team. We initially got approached by the Oulton Raiders Under 9's in 2014 and decided to help fund the team by sponsoring their after match kit. We continue to show support and are still sponsoring the team through their under 10's endeavours.

The teams aren't yet put into leagues (although Oulton Raiders do win most of their matches) but focus on developing an understanding of the game, which will be shown this season with the progress on scrums, kicking and playing with 13 players on large pitches. The emphasis on non-league sports at this age is to allow children to grow a passion for the sport and develop their skills without the worry of the outcome of the match, which we at Graham think is an important part of childhood. We would like to wish the Oulton Raiders great success for the coming season! 


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