Convenience is the one reason highlighted by so many homeowners to justify installing smart technology throughout their homes. It’s that ability to create the perfect environment at the tap of a finger. And if it makes our busy lives easier, who can say no.

  • Smart Lighting - Technology designed for energy efficiency and control of your home
  • Outlets & Accessories - Control plug in devices within your home from your mobile phone
  • Dimmer Switches - Programmable control of your homes lighting from a mobile app
  • Power Surge Protectors - Energy saving, high powered surge protector to reduce electricity usage


We have a selection of smart convenience products available from Graham.


Hive Active LightTM Bulbs

 Hive Active Light TM Colour Changing SCREW
  • Personalised control - Hive Active LightTM Bulbs are a range of dimmable smart LED light bulbs you can control wherever you are. Simply pair with the  Hive Hub and control through the Hive app on your smart device
  • Added security - Set up to 6 schedule time slots a day where you can switch on/off or dim your lights even when you are not at home
  • Choose your ambiance - Select from White Dimmable, Cool to Warm White and Colour Changing bulbs in bayonet or screw fittings. All bulbs have a 240° beam angle. You will be able to find the right bulb to suit your setting
  • Less energy - All bulbs have A+ energy efficiency ratings and have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours

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Hive Active PlugTM & Hive Sensors 

  • Control remotely - Link your plugs and sensors to the Hive Hub and your smart device via the Hive app for complete control and to receive activity alerts
  • Hive Active PlugTM - Never worry about any appliances or devices being left on as you can check the status from the Hive app. For each Hive Active PlugTM set up to 6 slots a day, allowing you to turn off or on your lamps, kettles and more for added security and comfort
  • Motion Sensors - Detects motion via infra-red technology. Receive alerts to your smart device when you are out
  • Window and Door Sensors - If your window or door is opened, Hive will send an alert direct to your smart device

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Energenie MiHome Light Switches and Wall Sockets

Energenie Mihome Light Switch   
  • Control remotely - Once connected to the internet use the MiHome app to control each socket or switch individually. Set timers, schedules or send simple on/off commands to individual or grouped products. Use the MiFavourites feature on the app to pick your most used products for quick access
  • Geofencing - Receive notifications or set appliances to turn on automatically via your location. Have that kettle boiled for when you walk through the door


  • Amazon Alexa - MiHome sockets and switches are also integrated with Amazon Alexa. Use voice commands to turn your appliances and lights on and off
  • MiEnergy - Keep up to date with your energy usage of individual sockets or groups in real-time or over a period on the MiHome app

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Lightwave Smart Lighting Devices

 Lightwave Smart Lighting Devices  
  • Control remotely - When using the LightwaveRF app, a handheld remote, a wire-free switch or a scene selector you have access to your lighting wherever you are (requires Wirefree WiFi Link). Lighting can also be voice controlled using Amazon Alexa
  • Scene lighting - Recall pre-set combinations of lighting involving multiple LightwaveRF dimmers, sockets or relays to provide simple and affordable scene lighting
  • Timers and events - Set lights to come on automatically at specified times or randomly to simulate occupancy when you are out
  • LED Compatible - Compatible with many selected dimmable LEDs

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Lightwave Smart Power Devices

Lightwave Smart Power Devices   
  • Control remotely - When paired with the Wirefree WiFi Link you can have access to your sockets and energy information wherever you are. Check the statuses on the LightwaveRF app and use your voice to control them with Amazon Alexa
  • Socket-lock - The socket-lock option can be used to keep sockets in the on or off position for safety reasons. Lock them on to prevent unintentional switching off of an appliance, such as a fridge freezer
  • Plug & Play adapter sockets - Once plugged into your mains sockets, use the remote controller or LightwaveRF app to control with minimal effort. LED status lights will also show you if a socket is on or off
  • Electricity monitor - Keep track of your electricity in real-time from your smart device. Use the LightwaveRF app to turn off devices that use high levels of energy

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