Comfort and Heating

Comfort and Heating

Our range of Smart Comfort products will ensure that your customers will always be going home to a cosy house no matter what time they arrive home, as they can control the heating from wherever they are.

  • Smart Thermostats - Remotely control central heating via a tablet, smartphone or desktop

  • Smart TRVs - Programmable thermostatic radiator valves

  • Smart HVAC Controls - Controls ‘learn’ where and how much heat or air to bring to each part of the home

We stock a variety of smart heating products including:


Hive Active HeatingTM

 Hive Active Heating
  • Control anytime, anywhere - Use the free app on your smartphone,tablet and laptop. You can also send a text command to your Hive
  • Schedules - Fit your schedules around your life. Set up to 6 events a day, 7 days a week and easily amend them from your device or on the thermostat
  • Geolocation - Uses your phones location and lets you know if your heating has been left on or if it is needed to be turned on


  • Boost mode - Give your heating and hot water a boost for up to 6 hours. This can be activated from the app or on the device. When the boost finishes your heating will return to its previous mode
  • Holiday mode - Activate Holiday mode when you are going away. Hive Active HeatingTM will go to sleep for the duration and warm up ready for your return
  • Wireless design - Have your thermostat mounted on the wall or have it displayed in the Hive Thermostat Stand with its chrome plated finish

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Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest Thermostat
  • No more programming - Just turn it up and down. With Auto-Schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself
  • Save while you’re away - Don’t heat an empty home. Auto-away adjusts the temperature after you leave
  • Control it remotely - Change the temperature from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Schedule - You never have to program a schedule. Because the Nest Thermostat learns what you like and programs itself. You can always adjust it manually

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 Energenie MiHome Radiator Valves

Energenie TRV  
  • Full app control - Use the MiHome app to turn your radiators on or off easily. Monitor each radiator valve’s temperature and then adjust the temperature to suit, keeping each room’s comfort just right
  • Zonal heating - Set individual temperature settings for each radiator valve. Set the times that you want them to turn on or off, or set certain temperatures at certain times. Only heat rooms when you need to
  • Geofencing - Tell the radiator valve to put the heating on when you are on your way home, so you walk into a perfectly heated home. Geofencing works by using your phones location and will turn on the heating when you are a certain distance away
  • Nest integration - Use the ‘Works with Nest’ platform to develop your smart home. The MiHome app will work with the Nest Learning Thermostat and take over the temperature scheduling of the radiators whilst using Nest’s learning abilities
  • Notifications - The MiHome app gives updates when actions have been carried out. You will get a reminder on the app when the radiator valve’s batteries are low and which one it is

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Honeywell evohome Wifi Multi Zone

Evohome Controller2 
  • Any boiler, any system - evohome can be installed as a stand alone smart programmable thermostat or as part of an evohome multizone system
  • Stay in control - evohome allows independent automatic temperature control of up to 12 heating zones and one hot water, which can all be controlled remotely via the TCC app
  • Smart home ready - Built in WiFi. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings
  • evohome multi zoning - Control the occupied areas of your home at a comfortable temperature whilst the unused areas remain at a reduced temperature

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Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat

Honeywell Thermostat2 
  • Any boiler, any system - The single zone wireless thermostat is compatible with gas boilers, combi boilers and zone valves
  • Remote access - Connect your single zone thermostat to the mobile access gateway to upgrade to a smart programmable thermostat with remote access via the TCC app
  • Easy to use - Simply twist the outer ring of the dial to adjust the temperature set point up or down. No programming required. On screen battery status and RF signal check
  • Safety and security - Compatible with the evohome safety and security system, to find out more go to page 43

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Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Programmable Thermostat

 Honeywell Lyric2
  • Any boiler, any system- The Lyric T6 wireless thermostat is compatible with gas boilers, combi boilers and zone valves
  • Easy to use - The touch-screen and familiar icons make it easy to program. Remote access via the Lyric app on your smartphone allows you to stay in control of your heating wherever you are
  • Energy savings - Both the wired and wireless models have automatic control features that make the boiler work more efficiently (TPI;Optimisation and OpenTherm support as standard)


  • Smart home ready - Built in WiFi. Compatible with Amazon Alexa,Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit
  • Geofencing - The Lyric T6 will use your smartphone’s location to not only work out how far away you are from home and heat your home accordingly, but to also help you to save energy when you are away

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Netatmo Smart Thermostat

Netatmo Smart Thermostat2 
  • Heating controlled remotely - Use the free app from your smartphone, tablet or computer and monitor your daily usage and boiler activity
  • Right temperature at the right time - Your thermostat will use the answers to 5 questions to set your schedule, ensuring you always return a warm home
  • Weather compensation - Auto-Adapt predicts the start of your heating period depending on the home’s insulation and the temperature outside
  • Energy reports - Receive a personalised Energy Saving report to help you track consumption and adjust your schedules for more energy savings
  • Zoning - Manually change or take control on the app of individual radiator schedules. Fine-tune comfort room-by-room with the addition of Smart Radiator Valves
  • Amazon Alexa -  Voice control your heating by integrating your Netatmo thermostat with Amazon Alexa. Simply ask Alexa to increase or decrease your home temperature 

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tado° Smart Thermostat

Tado smart thermostat
  • More control - Use the colour-coded app on your smartphone or tablet to control and amend your heating schedules
  • Geolocation - tado° uses your phone’s location to control the heating, ensuring the heating is at the perfect temperature when you are at home, and helps you to save energy when you are out
  • Weather compensation - By using local weather forecasts tado° makes the most of natural heat and will adjust the schedule to compensate for cold snaps


  • Unique design - Minimalistic LED matrix display shows the current temperature. Simply use the arrows to manually change the settings
  • Monitor your usage - See the temperature of your home throughout the day and the savings you have made. tado° uses building characteristic integration to work out how long your home takes to heat up, ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Zoning - Individually control the temperature in multiple rooms with the addition of tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats. This makes it possible to set different schedules for each room and saves even more energy

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Worcester Wave Controller

Worcester Wave 
  • Easy to use - An intuitive and modern design makes the Wave very simple to operate using its in-built touchscreen or from anywhere in the world via the Wave app
  • Smart devices - The Wave works seamlessly with smart phones, tablets and even smart watches, offering greater convenience
  • Tailored to you - Self-learning technology takes into account how you use your heating and hot water, and adapts the system to your specific needs
  • Weather and load compensation - The Load and Weather compensating feature works in line with current weather conditions to ensure the boiler fires up at the most appropriate power to reach the right temperature
  • Check your usage - The Wave app tracks the amount of fuel used each month on heating and hot water, helping to identify potential savings and reduce energy bills

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Drayton miGenie Smart Thermostat

Migenie Smart Thermostat2
  • Intuitive app - Compatible with IOS and android devices, as well as Apple watches. Controls your heating & hot water from wherever you are
  • Universal compatibility - Works with most UK heating systems, no matter which energy supplier you use, and can be fitted by any installer
  • Dual control - If the WiFi connection is down, heating can still be adjusted via the thermostat or programmer


  • Familiar design - Easy to use with familiar buttons and icons. The screen displays the current temperature, next event temperature and the call for heat symbol when active
  • Handy wireless design - The thermostat can be mounted on a wall, table stand or fitted to an existing backplate meaning there is no wiring needed
  • Boost mode - Have your heating or hot water on for a short period of time. This will not alter your set schedule and your heating will turn off after the boost period

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Altech Smart Thermostat

 Altech -Smart -Thermostat -compressor
  • Internet control - Check, adjust or modify your schedule and temperatures at any time wherever you are. Use the free app on your computer or smartphone
  • Wireless design - All you need are batteries; have your thermostat in any room you desire; have it mounted on the wall or move it around
  • Holiday mode - Do not waste energy whilst you are away but still come home to a warm home. Let the thermostat know when you are leaving and returning


  • Take control - Have the option to switch between a schedule and manual mode for extra control. Manual mode will override the schedule until you switch back or turn off the thermostat. If the internet connection is lost the thermostat will continue to follow the schedule so you do not need to worry

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Vaillant vSmart Thermostat 

Vaillant Control2 
  • Compatibility - Works with Vaillant’s complete range of eBUS boilers. The vSMARTTM System/Open Vent Pack comes with a VR 66 Wiring Centre and will easily control traditional S & Y Plan systems
  • Information at your fingertips - Using the Vaillant vSMARTTM app you will be able to access energy consumption data, monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and temporarily disable your heating if you are away from home


  • E-paper display - High readability and low energy consumption
  • Weather compensation - Using data from the internet the vSMARTTM optimises system flow temperatures and efficiency by fully modulating Vaillant boilers
  • Self-learning control - vSMARTTM learns the thermal behaviour of the home and knows exactly when to switch on to reach the desired temperature at the right time

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 Vokèra BeSmart Connected Thermostat

  • Simple to use - BeSMART wherever you are, anytime. Control your heating using the app on a smartphone or tablet or on your computer via an internet browser
  • Compatibility - The BeSMART thermostat is not only compatible with Vokera systems but also the majority of other boiler brands
  • Weather compensation - Boiler outputs are adjusted to reflect ambient climate conditions so when the weather is milder your boiler will adapt


  • Manage and programme - Set up to 3 comfort levels to suit your lifestyle or mood and manage up to 8 different heating zones on a multi-zone system

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Lightwave RF Wirefree Home Heating

 Lightwave Thermostat
  • App control - Always come home to a warm home; the LightwaveRF app is a free download and allows you to adjust your heating schedule remotely
  • Modular design - Products can be installed progressively; start with the Home Thermostat and Boiler Switch and add Radiator Valves developing your wireless home
  • Zoned heating - Use the Radiator Valves and Electric Switch to let you set different temperatures for individual rooms. Remotely control these radiators and provide room by room zoned heating


  • Track your energy usage - View recorded and real-time temperatures and energy data in usage graphs. Compare historic data and drill down to device output statuses (on/off); comparing between devices and rooms. This detailed information can highlight adjustments that can be made to save you energy

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JG Speedfit Aura Heating Controls

JG Aura Heating Controls 
  • Smart control on the move - Have complete freedom to control your heating no matter where you are, via a smartphone or tablet, with the free JG Aura app
  • Greater zone control - Heating schedules can be set for individual rooms. Rooms are only heated when in use and to the desired level of warmth. Each room will require a TRV and thermostat or underfloor heating
  • Wired or wireless system - Have the flexibility to suit your installation. Use the touch sensitive controls as individual thermostats or combine into groups for convenience

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Warmup 4iE Smart Thermostat

Warmup 4i E Hero2 
  • Easy to use - Just a few simple steps and does not require programming. Use the MyHeating app anywhere to set your heating schedules or visit
  • Compatibility - The 4iE works with system and combi boilers as well as underfloor heating. You can have single or multi-zone control. Low volt/free volt or switch live systems require the additional 4iE +Kit accessory pack
  • Protection - Your personal information is protected in the same way as online banking and encrypted to a high level
  • Weather and travel updates - Gain quick access to 7 day local weather forecasts and traffic alerts on the 4iE’s LCD touchscreen
  • Geolocation - SmartGeoTM ensures your home is automatically warm when you arrive home by using mobile location technology. It also makes sure your heating is running efficiently when you are away (optional)
  • Monitor your usage - EasySwitchTM finds the best energy tariff and recommends the best energy deals. The 4iE can be optionally set to automatically switch your tariff to the best deal for your home
  • Peace of mind - A lifetime warranty ensures you will never have to worry

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