Introducing the new Nest Thermostat E - HNF01235

Introducing the new Nest Thermostat E - HNF01235

Beautifully designed and created specifically for every home. 

Nest Thermostat E

What’s so great about this new thermostat from Nest, you ask? We can sum it up with 3 E’s: 

Easy to control

Using your smartphone, you can manage the temperature in your home from Everywhere using the Nest app.

Easy to install

No need for complicated wiring or installation, the Thermostat E comes complete with a built-in stand and plug so you can put it on any surface.

Easy to Save

Nest’s range of smart thermostats have all been designed to help you save energy* and therefore reduce the running cost of your home. The Thermostat E is no different to this, with proven energy-saving features such as the scheduling function, meaning your heating is only on when you need it to be.


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But that’s not all! As well as being compatible with most central heating systems, the Nest Thermostat E has a great range of additional features we think you’ll love!

Nest App

Compatible with Google Assistant, you can have complete control over the heating in your home just using your voice! Just ask the Google Assistant to turn the heating up or down, on or off, or tell it what temperature you would like, and your Thermostat E will adjust accordingly.


The simple yet modern design will ensure that the Nest Thermostat E will fit in with any home’s interior. Plus, the unique frosted display is great for diffusing light from the screen for an easier to read and softer interface.


Automatically adapting the schedule as it learns your way of life, this Thermostat lowers the temperature when you are not home and ensures that you aren’t heating empty spaces. It is even pre-set with a simple schedule to ensure you are saving energy as soon as it is installed.

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Keep an eye out for the Nest Leaf to show you when you have adjusted your heating to an energy-saving temperature.


The True Radiant feature will ensure the heating is switched on earlier than your schedule so that the desired temperature is reached ready for when you want it. It will also ensure that the thermostat turns off early to avoid overheating the home.


You can monitor your daily and monthly energy usage with the Energy History and Home Report functions, ensuring there are no surprises when your bills come in and gives you the flexibility to adapt how you use your heating to keep costs lower.


Meet the Heat Link E!

Nest Heat Link ENest Heat Link Side view

Connecting your heating system to the Nest Thermostat E and easily replacing your current wired thermostat, the included Heat Link E helps to modulate your heating as well as switching it on or off. It also senses the current room temperature so guides the Thermostat to get to the desired temperature.


 Nest Heat Link

Nest Thermostat E - HNF01235. Now available next day from Graham for just £154.99 Ex VAT!

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 *App requires WiFi to work. Energy savings are not guaranteed and depend on energy usage, weather and other factors. Learn more at