Altech Smart Home Range

Introducing the new Altech Smart Home Range

Make the most of life by controlling and monitoring your home from anywhere via your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Giving comfort and convenience at an affordable price.


 ALTHC031 - Altech Universal Gateway              ALTHC032 - Altech Smart Plug UK

Altech Universal Gateway

 The ALTHC031 Altech universal Gateway is the heart of the Altech Smart Home system. Using WiFi, It allows the user to

connect devices so that they can interact with one another.


Altech Smart Plug UK

 The ALTHC032 Smart Plug UK is a simple device that plugs into a traditional socket and allows powering the socket

on and off to be controllable and ‘Smart’.

 ALTHC033 - Altech Smart Programmable Thermostat With RF      ALTHC036 - Altech Window Door Sensor

Altech Smart Programmable Thermostat with RF

 The ALTHC033 smart programmable thermostat may be used for controlling a heating zone with up to 6 TRV’s per thermostat. It can also be connected to both door / window sensors and smart plugs.


Altech Window/Door Sensor

The ALTHC036 Altech Window/Door Sensor is a simple device, by acknowledging when doors and windows have been

opened or closed, Smart rules can be triggered to
control other devices to save energy.

 ALTHC034 - Altech Wireless TRV      ALTHC038 - Altech Smart Button

Altech Wireless TRV

 The ALTHC034 Altech Wireless TRV is the latest innovation from Altech that allows you to precisely control your radiator room heating to the exact temperature and from anywhere.


Altech Smart Button

 The ALTHC038 Altech Smart Button is a simple device that connects wirelessly with the Altech Universal gateway to integrate as part of the Smart Home system. It allows the user to activate pre-programmed complex Smart Home rules without the need for an app.

 ALTHC037 - Altech Zigbee Receiver      ALTHC035 - Altech Smart Energy Monitor

Altech Zigbee Receiver

 The ALTHC037 Altech Zigbee Receiver can be used as part of the Altech Smart Home range as an external heater circuit. The receiver can be used with the Altech wiring centre or TRV or a combination of both. Can be used for volt free and 230V applications.


Altech Smart Energy Monitor

 The ALTHC035 Altech Smart Energy Monitor can easily monitor single or 3 phase electricity supplies via the Smart Home app on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Must be used in conjunction with the Altech Universal Gateway.



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