Connected Home

Connected Home

The Smart Homes Concept

A smart home is simply one equipped with internet-connected devices which allows for the monitoring and control the home environment remotely, whether at home or not.

With a range of smart devices available, it is now possible to use a phone, tablet or computer to control heating and hot water, lights and even home appliances. And what's more, smart cameras now increase the security of the home by monitoring door and window sensors, smoke alarms and video footage streamed live.

Adapting a home to be a smart home can bring many benefits, from lowering energy costs and being environmentally responsible, as well as giving you and your customers peace of mind that the home is safe, even when no one is home.

You can use the smart approach to bring an added benefit to your customers, giving them everything they need for a Multicomfort home.

So, whether you or your customers are looking for a smart thermostat to help control the heating and save energy costs, smart lighting to get the right ambience or smart cameras for security, make Graham your smart partner to help create smart homes and businesses nationwide. 

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