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Graham Plumbers Merchant is a major supplier of plumbing, heating, bathroom materials and renewable solutions.

The Graham Plumbers Merchant brand has grown to become synonymous with professionalism, service and value for money. Most important of all is the knowledge of our people and the relationships they have with our customers.

Such is the value we place on this that our operation is specifically structured to empower our people at a local level. In creating ‘families’ of branches focused on meeting the different needs of installers in different parts of the country, we aim to encourage initiative and, in doing so, give our people the freedom to deliver a more personal, responsive and tailored regional service.

This is because customers need to rely on a merchant that knows their local area well and that can offer immediate and easy access to wide range of plumbing, heating and renewable products.

Innovation in service and sustainability
In parallel with this emphasis on local needs, we have also been quick to embrace the opportunities presented by new technology, both in terms of the product ranges we offer and the ways in which we can add value to our service.

We have introduced energy efficiency and micro-generation technologies such as solar hot water, solar PV, heat pumps and biomass boilers to our ranges. We have supported this through our sister brand Greenworks and their Greenworks Academy – a ground-breaking training centre focused on renewable energy products and sustainable building solutions. This is enhanced by our Greenworks Learning Gateway, a unique on-line training facility provided free to all account holders.

Another key on-line initiative is Channel Graham, a news portal that gives plumbers, heating engineers, bathroom installers and everyone in between one-click access to news, videos and a Twitter feed on subjects ranging from product developments, events and training.

We also offer streamlined e-account management, enabling customers to view their transaction history, account details and current balance, as well as saving, viewing and printing copy documents. This is complemented by electronic invoicing, a suite of services that allows users to view, download and store current invoices from any location – and even allow secure access to 3rd parties, such as an accountant.

Added value is incredibly important for us at Graham Plumbers Merchant and as such, we also offer our loyalty scheme, The Plumbers' Club, exclusively for Trade Cash and Trade Credit customers.

Exclusive brands
Graham also offers customers the chance to select from its exclusive ranges Altech & Alterna - high quality products that offer customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. The Alterna brand presents a wide range of bathroom products such as taps, bathroom suites, showers enclosures and more whilst the Altech brand complements this with copper fittings, shower pumps, radiators and heating controls.

Giving customers the advantage
From plumbing, heating and bathroom essentials to the latest sustainable solutions and renewable technologies, from personal relationships and local expertise to on-line training and e-support, we at Graham are committed to delivering the most professional, innovative and customer-focused plumbers merchant service in the UK.

As part of the Saint-Gobain family, we firmly believe that a good living and working environment has a great impact on how we feel and our productivity. Learn more about our innovative Multicomfort approach here.

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